okay so like if we have plans and you don’t follow through with them, you could at least send a sorry not tonight text.  literally takes two seconds.  cause like i would have saved all this time with makeup tonight and waiting around for you.  but like its almost four am and Facebook says you were active less than a minute ago.  aka you totally had/have time to shoot an apology text.  #notcool i am just full of rants and selfies lately oh my god

literally I’m doing nothing with my life.  i had so many plans for this summer like learn to play the banjo and use chopsticks effectively and battle systems of oppression and practice my arabic/german/spanish but like all I’ve done is get past 100 levels of candy crush and rewatched all of new girl.  ugh.


Artist: Wolfgang Kraus
Location: München, Germany
Medium: cardboard, aluminum foil, real flowers, net foil, lamination 
Hey guys!  So I put out a calling for mail art about a month ago and the submissions have started rolling in.  Basically you give people a theme and address and strangers mail you little things they make.  (Totally rad.)  I’ve gotten postcards from Germany, Spain, and Serbia so far and am so excited to see what else comes in!  Check out the rest of the gallery at my new blogspot!

Idk I plan outfits for dates I get stood up for. But it’s whatever I guess. Finna got a floppy hat. Really have become too self involved this summer someone please smack me when I’m back on campus.

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